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Legal Assistance of Dakota County helps very low income people with family law problems, such as divorces, custody between parents, grandparent custody, and orders for protections. Our lawyers can represent you if you:

  • live in Dakota County
  • have a family law problem and
  • have a low income.

Find out if you are eligible for our free legal help. If you think you are, call us at 952-431-3200 or sign up online.

If we cannot help you directly, or if your income is too high, we can direct you to other services in Dakota County or refer you to attorneys in Dakota County who charge a fee.

We do not help with criminal cases. If you have been charged with a crime and cannot afford to pay, you can ask for a free lawyer—a public defender—at any court house. If you are not low income, or have been turned down by the judge when you applied for a public defender, you can call us for the names of private practice attorneys that practice criminal law.

Free Legal Clinics and Information Sessions

Whether you qualify for our free legal help or not, you can participate in any of the free law clinics and information sessions held throughout Dakota County. Family Law Self-Help Centers are held several days each month and a Consumer Law Clinic is held weekly. Additional clinics and sessions covering other areas of law, such as tax information, immigration and criminal record expungement, are held on selected days throughout the year. Learn more about these free programs.

Other Programs with Free Lawyers

There are several other programs in Dakota County and the state of Minnesota that offer free legal services. Go to our listing of Other Programs with Free Lawyers for more information.

Other Resources

Go to Other Resources for information about Dakota County Government, consumers, disabilities, education, housing, legal research, public benefits, and seniors.